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A Client's Testimony

"I am a 60-year-old woman, who has had several health challenges, since living here in the tidewater area. Last year, I had 4 heart attacks from May to December, and had a few falls. I had to adjust, because I couldn't do a lot of things anymore for myself, so it was suggested that I get a home health aide, so my girlfriend and I started researching companies.

Royal Hearts came up and we contacted them. I prayed for someone who would be attentive to my needs, praise God, he heard my cry and sent an angel my way. I have very little family here, and I and needed someone. This young lady Nykira came and was just what I prayed for, I showed her my routine, and I only had to show her once, whether I was in bed, cause I wasn't feeling well, or just having a not so good day, she would come in wash her hands and get Started, I don't have to go behind her and check, cause if I say I need this done it's done, if I say I need assistance with something, she's right there.

I get overwhelmed sometimes, because without her I wouldn't be able to stay at home by myself. I had another fall in June and it sent me to the hospital and rehab. The rehab was so bad after a few days, I signed myself out, barely able to walk I came home on a Wednesday and had to be assessed all over again, by Friday she was back. It was a journey, going back and forth to doctor appointments, and I'm not too steady on my feet, she was right there to assist, with extending her arm, so I can step up or down, off curbs, without her. I wouldn't have made it this far.

Please as a client, let your aid know how you appreciate them, it makes a world of difference. Thank you, Royal Hearts."


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